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FrostZen™ Comfort Haven Ice Bath

FrostZen™ Comfort Haven Ice Bath

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Double Arc Technology

Type-C Charging

💪 High-Quality Construction

Mechanical Alloy Rotary Gyroscope

FrostZen™ Comfort Haven Ice Bath
Experience ultimate comfort and spaciousness with our Ice Bath. Say goodbye to cramped recovery sessions and enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating experience. Crafted with expertise, this bath is designed to provide you with the
comfort and ease you deserve.

Key Features:

WEATHER LID INCLUDED: Elevate your cold therapy game with our Ice Bath, now equipped with a free all-weather lid. This elasticated cover effortlessly fits over your ice bath, providing a snug fit and keeping unwanted debris away. It ensures the cleanliness of your water is maintained for extended periods, allowing you to fully enjoy your ice bath experience.
Triple-Layered Insulated Fabric: Stay cool, comfortable, and in control with our ice bath's triple-layered insulated fabric. Our advanced insulation technology helps maintain the desired temperature for a longer duration, enabling you to enjoy the full benefits of your daily ice bath routine.

Experience the Ultimate Ice Bath: Immerse yourself in the luxury of our Ice Bath and take your recovery routine to the next level. The spacious design provides ample room for a comfortable experience, allowing you to fully relax and recover. The expert craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion for your wellness journey.

Stay Cool and Controlled: Our ice bath's triple-layered insulated fabric is specifically engineered to keep you cool and in control. No more worries about the water temperature fluctuating rapidly. The advanced insulation technology helps maintain your desired temperature, enabling you to optimize the benefits of cold therapy.

Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness: With the included weather lid, keeping your ice bath clean and debris-free has never been easier. The elasticated cover effortlessly fits over the tub, preventing unwanted materials from entering the water. This ensures a hygienic experience and extends the usability of your ice bath.

Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality PVC, our ice bath is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures excellent durability, allowing you to enjoy countless recovery sessions without worrying about wear and tear. The sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to your wellness space.

Complete Package: Our ice bath comes with all the essential components you need for a hassle-free setup. The included drain pipe, drain valve, washer, bracket, air pump, and cushion ensure a seamless and convenient experience. You'll have everything you need to start your ice bath routine right away.

Upgrade Your Recovery Routine: Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, our Ice Bath is a game-changer. Embrace the benefits of cold therapy, accelerate your recovery, and take your performance to new heights. Invest in your well-being and experience the luxury of our Ice Bath today.


Packing List:

  • 1 x Ice Bath
  • 1 x Drain Pipe
  • 1 x Drain Valve
  • 2 x Washer
  • 6 x Bracket
  • 1 x Air Pump
  • 1 x Cushion


Product Information:

  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: 70x80cm


Note: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new therapy or wellness routine.


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