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FootEase™ Bath Foot Washing Pedal

FootEase™ Bath Foot Washing Pedal

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Double Arc Technology

Type-C Charging

💪 High-Quality Construction

Mechanical Alloy Rotary Gyroscope


Make Bath Time More Convenient AGAIN 🚿


Convenient Foot Washing

The FootEase™ Bath Foot Washing Pedal is designed to make foot washing more convenient during bath time. Say goodbye to bending over or straining your back to clean your feet. Simply place the pedal on a smooth and flat surface within reach and wash your feet with ease.


Powerful Suction Cups

The pedal is equipped with powerful suction cups that securely attach to various surfaces, including glazed ceramic tiles, plastic, or glass. This ensures stability and prevents the pedal from slipping or moving during use.

Smooth and Flat Surface Requirement

For optimal performance, it is essential to install the pedal on a smooth and flat surface. Please note that the suction cups will not adhere to textured or bumpy surfaces.

Easy Installation and Relocation

Installing the FootEase™ Bath Foot Washing Pedal is quick and hassle-free. Simply position it on the desired surface, press down firmly to activate the suction cups, and it's ready to use. If you need to adjust its position or relocate it for better balance, it can be easily detached and reinstalled without leaving any residue or damage.

Balancing Assist

The pedal is designed to provide a balancing assist, offering stability and support during bath time. With a maximum load capacity of up to 20KG, it can help improve balance and prevent slipping or accidents in the shower. 

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