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AutoGleam™ Automatic Rotating Car Washing Brush

AutoGleam™ Automatic Rotating Car Washing Brush

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Double Arc Technology

Type-C Charging

💪 High-Quality Construction

Mechanical Alloy Rotary Gyroscope


 Automatic Rotating Brush

The AutoGleam™ brush features an automatic rotating mechanism that effectively removes dirt, grime, and debris from your vehicle's surface. The rotating brush head ensures thorough cleaning and saves you time and effort.


Long Handle with Telescopic Design

With a long handle that extends and retracts easily, this brush offers excellent reach and flexibility. Clean hard-to-reach areas like the roof and lower parts of your vehicle effortlessly

High-Quality Bristles

 The brush bristles are designed to be gentle on your car's surface while still providing effective cleaning. They are durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Simply connect the brush to a standard garden hose or water source, adjust the handle to the desired length, and start cleaning. The brush's rotating action combined with the water flow provides a powerful cleaning performance

Detergent Storage Box

The AutoGleam™ brush is equipped with a convenient detergent storage box. Simply fill the box with your preferred car cleaning detergent and have it readily available during your cleaning sessions. No need for separate containers or messy spills. 
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