Elixirs: $5.99 each

Juice: $9.50 each limited quantity and assortment. Made fresh in-store!

Morning Sunrise: Orange, grapefruit, ginger
Kick start your day with this refreshing wake-me-up, jam packed with vitamin C and digestive enzymes!

Orange Splash: Carrot, orange, ginger
This juice is full of vitamin A (great for eyes and immune system) and high in vitamin K (promotes healthy blood and bones). Turn this into a delicious metabolism booster by adding a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Red Refresh: Beet, apple, carrot, lemon, turmeric, ginger
Keep your heart going strong! Beets are great for reducing high blood sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol. These are just a few of the many benefits of this nutrient packed drink!

Energizer: Celery, cucumber, apple, pear
Experience an immediate boost of energy after enjoying this bottle of green goodness! Great for boosting immunity and provides a layer of protection to cells.

Dreamy Detox: Celery, lemon, parsley, ginger, carrots
Parsley is one of the best sources of vitamin C, and also a great way to freshen your afternoon breath!

Digestive Broom: Pineapple, lime, ginger, apple
A tasty way to keep your digestive system working properly. This is full of bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that aid digestion.

Ginger Cleanse: Apple, ginger, parsley
This immune booster will ward off that nasty cold and flu, while providing an abundance of nutrients to leave you feeling great!

Skin Cleanser: Spinach, parsley, apple, tomato, carrot, orange
Beautiful skin. Need we say more?

Cool Greens: Ginger, mint, parsley, spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon, apple
A refreshing green juice loaded with benefits. A great anti-inflammatory known to reduce joint pain and boost the immune system. This green goodness will also help to improve circulation and boost your metabolism.

Himalayan Detox: Ginger, parsley, spinach, kale, romaine, cucumber, celery, lemon, apple, himalayan pink salt, cayenne
Get your veggies in with an added bonus. Cayenne not only contains the highest botanical source of vitamin C, it also amplifies the nutritional efficacy of the nutrients it’s combined with! Himalayan contains 84 trace minerals that our bodies need and helps bring out the flavours of the greens!

Citrus Greens: Parsley, spinach, kale, celery, lemon, grapefruit, apple
A refreshing cleanser that is packed with vitamins! This easy sip will naturally cleanse the blood, kidneys, bladder, and other organs so that your body can more easily eliminate toxins.

Green Giant: Apple, spinach, lemon, green cabbage, broccoli, turmeric
Loaded with benefits from the healthy cruciferous vegetables! Known to support the mucosal linings of the gastrointestinal tract, target “bad” cholesterol, help treat and prevent illnesses including cancer, boost your immune system, and the list goes on and on!