Plain or Sesame Seed Toasted Bagel: $2.50
Cream Cheese | Vegan Butter

GF Oatmeal to Go: $2.50
Peanut butter, honey, apple and cinnamon | Maple syrup, mixed seeds, and apple


A different assortment of the below salads available daily. Preorder 24 hrs in advance to guarantee your favourite will be available!

Pad Thai Cold Roll: $5.50
Tofu, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, onion, cabbage, basil, cilantro, sesame seeds, with a peanut lime sauce

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad: $7.00
Butternut squash, mixed greens, quinoa, chickpeas, honey mustard dressing

Cob Salad: $7.00
Egg, spinach and/or mixed greens, tomato, roasted chickpeas, tahini dressing

Kale Caesar: $7.00
Kale, romaine, roasted chickpeas, parmesan cheese, vegan caesar salad dressing

Powerhouse Pesto Plate: $7.00
Spinach, zucchini, chia seeds, quinoa, green lentils, pesto dressing

Broccoli Salad: $7.00
Broccoli, quinoa, dates, sunflower seeds, avocado basil dressing

Everyday Salad: $7.00
Mixed lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, tomato, hemp hearts, sunflower tamari dressing


Smoked Turkey $5.50
Smoked turkey, organic greens, tomato, Dickey Bee’s honey mustard and fresh cracked pepper

Tuna Salad: $5.50
White tuna, organic greens, cucumber, tomato, celery, green onion, mayo

Chickpea Salad: $5.50
Chickpeas, celery, red pepper, dill pickles, Dickey Bee’s honey mustard, garlic, lemon, organic greens

Sandwich Bar: $6.50
Create your own custom sandwich made fresh to order with a variety of bread, dressing and topping options to choose from!

Smoked Turkey | Tuna Salad | Chickpea Salad |Special of the Week (see menu board in-store for details)

White kaiser | Whole wheat kaiser | Grilled panini on focaccia |Sprouted grain tortilla |GF toasted chia bread

Dickey Bees honey mustard | Mayo | Vegan mayo | Pesto | Hummus | Sriracha

Free: Lettuce | Tomato | Cucumber | Pickles | Sprouted mung beans | Red onion
Premium: Cheddar cheese ($1) | Mozzarella cheese ($1) | Double your meat ($2) | Goats cheese ($1) | Avocado ($1)


$4 S | $5 L

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